Fences, Snow and Seedlings

4/2/16 – 4/9/16 Headlines of the week:

  • Putting up fence posts
  • Cold frame saves seedlings from snow
  • First planting in the hoop house at Jandy’s

I was blessed to have a like-minded friend over for a few days last week, and we had a grand time turning some (dead) ash trees into fence posts for my new garden!  I learned to use a chainsaw, and no one got hurt aside from a few handshakes with unwelcoming thorns.




This view is quite satisfying. That old shipping crate used to house a goat, but I’ll be using it as storage for my chicken supplies this summer so we drug it into the garden spot to clean it out. Might as well put the leftover manure to work, hmm? My new garden plot is 50′ by 100′ and there’s enough cleared area surrounding it to run my broilers this summer as well. This year I’ll be putting a few rotations of cover crops in my garden spot to prepare the (clay) soil for serious production next summer when I’ll be selling at the Farmers Market.


Also, it’s Ohio so sometimes we have snow in April. I planted lettuce and spinach in my cold frame about two weeks ago and the snow didn’t bother them one bit!


Lettuce is on the left and right thirds, while the dark green (almost invisible) spinach is in the middle.

Meanwhile, at Jandy’s…


I helped transplant lettuce into this hoop house, set up a few pieces of hog fence for peas, and planted peas, radishes, and green onions in here. It was pretty chilly outside (around 35° F) but in the hoop house I was comfortable in just a sweatshirt.