Building the Deck and Outer Walls (Tiny House Part 2)

Lots can happen in one week! I got to spend Sunday and Monday working on the house with Judah (and Jo, for a bit). I learned a lot, like how to use a circular saw and a nail gun. And Judah learned that I’m scared of tape measures. (I don’t like it when they retract quickly… for some reason I think I’ll get a major paper cut. Apparently they’re safe, though.) But, for the record, he said I’m tough as nails. 😉 If you missed last week’s post about our tiny house, check it out here.

Building the deck and outer walls

First came concrete blocks as piers. We had eight sets of four concrete blocks each, four on each concrete runner under where the house would go. Then Judah laid four beams across the width of the house, on top of the piers. Next, we made four 32′ runners out of treated 2x6s and notched them for the joists.




Then we had to get everything square. This part took a long time, and we learned that we should have gotten the concrete piers lined up exactly before putting wood on them… However, after much measuring and string-lining, we got things straightened out.


Squaring the notched beams with a string line

Then we fitted the joists into the notches, like so. We used the string line again to get them perfectly in line.



Next we put on the outer band. Judah did most of the nailing while I positioned the boards.


Oh hey, what do you know… we match. 😉 Mud and all.


Next came insulation and the subfloor.


Then the outer walls!!! These went up super fast.




And that’s where we stand now! Next up is the roof. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions or want more specific information, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you!



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